Joomla Vs. Wordpress

Ok...I've been asked (for the umpteenth time) why I choose to build MOST of my client's websites using Joomla instead of any other content management system (namely Wordpress). This blog entry has been brewing in my head for some time now. I have now decided that it is time to answer the age old question...JOOMLA OR WORDPRESS?

I've been designing web sites now since 2000, and in the beginning, my sites were hand-coded. Thats right. Line-by-line. Tedious and time consuming. At that time, I believed that the client would get a cleaner, more professional website because the "drag and drop" software that was available always inserted redundant and worthless code...or even worse, would format the code poorly. Now, granted, most clients wouldn't know the first thing about html code, and this is a plus for a web designer. You see, if the client cannot make changes to their web site, then THEY ARE AT THE MERCY of their web designer. The designer maintains control and charges anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour to make even the smallest changes. It is a goldmine...GUARANTEED repeat business.

In the beginning of 2006, New Orleans was still pretty much a desolate ghost town because of Hurricane Katrina, however, new business was starting to emerge in the city... and my business was picking up. By late 2006, I was swamped with web design work! I started looking for a way that my clients would be able to quickly and easily update the content of their sites without the hassle of waiting on me to get to them. After doing a little research I discovered two viable options...Joomla & Wordpress.

Wordpress was very popular (and still is). I even built a few sites using Wordpress. Fairly simple. Lightweight. Loads quickly. So, why don't I use it? "WordPress started as just a blogging system", taken directly from the WordPress website. I know that it has been enhanced throughout the years, but the fact remains, THE UNDERLYING ENGINE IS STILL A BLOGGING ENGINE. While Wordpress may be simple and easy to use, it has proven to be a nightmare from a developer's standpoint, as well, I've had several experiences when the whole system crashed when making modifications. NO-GO.

Joomla is also very popular, but is touted by many web designers as being not as user friendly as Wordpress. I agree, that it may be SLIGHTLY more intimidating, but, with the right tutoring, my clients are joomla pros within the first week of having their web site up...and what's MORE??? Joomla's power, flexibility, and extensibility is PHENOMENAL! Joomla beats Wordpress HANDS DOWN in this department. PERIOD!

The Joomla template and extension architecture uses the model-view-controller (MVC) software architecture, which is the standard in software engineering today. Joomla also has a very active community, search engine optimization is a snap, it is easily upgraded to current software versions (as of 2.5), has thousands of third party extensions, plugins, and modules to create anything you can dream of.

Rhino is Team Joomla for these and many other reasons. What can a joomla website do for you? Give us a call and set up your free consultation today. If you can dream it, we can build it!