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Do You Want to Save Money or Make Money?

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  Written by Brett Thomas

Ok, you’ve heard it all before: “The best way to make money is to save money”.  I have to wholeheartedly disagree with that statement.  Not one day passes when a potential client doesn’t asks me how I can SAVE him or his business money…What kind of deals can I give him/her?   DEALS?  DO YOU WANT A GREAT WEB SITE OR A GREAT DEAL?   (pick one)

I can understand if you are starting out and SINCERELY cannot afford a quality website, and in those cases, some payment arangements can be made to help make the financial investment more manageable.  I get that.  I can RESPECT that…however…

If you are in the market for a new website that you expect to MAKE YOU MONEY, then cutting corners and looking for that “special” deal is a very bad idea.  

First off, you are telling the web developer that you care more about saving a buck than having a first class website.  This is information that the web designer will have in the back of his mind when putting together your site, and your business will suffer for it.  Your site will be put together with a “Save Money / Save Time” motivation.  The site will probably look nice, but all the extra man hours that a quality site needs for attention to small details and proper coding will be unimportant in relation to the investment you are willing to pay.  Your web site viewers will also get the impression that you cut corners to save a few dollars, and they will (if even subconciously) assume that you cut corners with your product or service as well.  This will hurt your sales, conversion rate, and your online image.  So, you see, saving a few dollars on your web design WILL NOT make you more dollars, in fact just the opposite.

(Comparing Apples To Oranges)

At Rhino Web Studios, we do not offer a “cheap” website.  We offer QUALITY New Orleans web design services with attention to the small details that will CONVERT your site visitors into your customers.  We understand that we may not be a good fit for some businesses, but thats okay.  The world will always need a cheap alternative to quality products and services.  At Rhino, we will never let our customers settle for a mediocre site that will accomplish very little just so they can say they saved money on their site.  Instead, we opt for the customer that will say that THEY MADE MONEY from their web site, and the little extra they put up to pay for the details turned into a huge return on their investment.


A web designer is just that… a DESIGNER of web sites.  You tell them what you want, and they churn out a finished product that you told them to create.  Is this truly what you wanted?  True, you saved money and went with a company that was a few thousand dollars cheaper than the others…hell, they talked a good game… they had a pretty portfolio, and once again that price was ohhhhh so nice!  

A few months later, you realise the mistake you made when:

  • You notice that you are still on page 5 of Google search for your city and industry.
  • Even worse, the search engine tactics used are outdated and have actuall HURT your SEO ranking.
  • You need changes made and the web designer no longer answers the phone or is gone.
  • You contact your designer and he now wants outrageous prices to update the site, in some cases the same amount as the initial site!

At Rhino Web Studios, we are the WEB DEVELOPMENT EXPERTS!  With almost 20 years of experience in building web sites, graphic design, organic SEO knowledge and internet marketing experience, we have the EDUCATED IMAGINATION to create a visually stunning web site that will give your company the extra validity and image of professionalism, AS WELL AS be at the top of the list when potential customers do a web search.

If your main goal is to save money on your website, then your best option is to actually SAVE the money and not get one.  The dollars you spend on a cheap site are as good as thrown away.

Ready to MAKE MONEY?  Lets talk!

Brett Thomas is the president / CEO of Rhino Web Studios in New Orleans, LA.  He can be contacted at 504-875-5036 or by email HERE.

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