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Google To Delete All Google Business Websites in March, 2024

As President of Rhino Web Studios, I’ve always been at the forefront of advocating for robust online solutions that cater specifically to the needs of businesses, both large and small. It’s crucial to understand the changing digital landscape and adapt accordingly to ensure your business continues to thrive online. That’s why I want to bring to your attention an important update regarding websites created with Google Business Profiles.

For those who may not be familiar, Google Business Profile websites are simplistic web solutions, designed to offer a basic online presence by leveraging the information from your Google Business Profile. However, come March 2024, Google will be discontinuing these websites. This means that any customer trying to visit your site will instead be redirected to your Business Profile on Google. This redirect will function until June 10, 2024, after which, any attempt to access your site will result in a “page not found” error.

Here’s what you need to know and do:

  • If your domain ends with or, take note that these will be removed from your Business Profile come March. It’s advisable to update your profile to link to a new, independent website.
  • Your Business Profile itself will remain unaffected. Visitors will be redirected there when attempting to visit your Google Business Profile website.
  • For those without a website made through Google Business Profile, this change does not apply to you.

Your Business Profile is a valuable asset for showcasing your business, sharing updates, attracting customers with photos, and providing contact information. However, with the impending discontinuation of Google Business Profile websites, it’s vital to consider alternative web solutions.

This transition period is an opportune time to reassess your online presence. A standalone website offers greater flexibility, functionality, and the opportunity to truly embody your brand’s essence online. At Rhino Web Studios, we understand the importance of a strong, effective online presence. We specialize in creating bespoke websites that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

If your business is affected by the upcoming changes or if you’re seeking to enhance your online presence with a professionally designed website, we are here to help. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your business not only navigates this transition smoothly but also emerges stronger, with a compelling online presence that captures the essence of your brand.

For anyone in need of assistance or interested in exploring how we can help elevate your online presence, I encourage you to reach out to us at Rhino Web Studios. Let us help you create a website that stands the test of time and continues to serve your business’s needs in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Brett Thomas,

President of Rhino Web Studios

Author: rhinopm

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