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It seems, as if almost daily, search engines continually modify the criteria that determine rankings, and website owners are becoming more concerned with the negative impact that poor placement has on their business. They should be. According to a report published by the NPD Group, 92% of online consumers use search engines for shopping online. In their 10th User Survey, The Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center found that 84.4% of those polled linked to Web pages through search engines.

At Rhino Web Studios, search engine optimization is a major consideration from the second we begin working on your project… and It stays at the forefront of our thinking all the way through. With our technical and copy writing expertise, Rhino Web Studios can ensure you’ll receive a quality listing. We can also take your project to the next level with an advanced search engine positioning campaign.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
Because of the complex nature of search engines and their continually evolving algorithms, there is no real way to guarantee top rankings. We do, however, stand behind our services. With SEO it’s imperative to realize that there is not just one magical solution that can be conjured up. Search engine success takes time, and it comes from the overall effect of MANY, well tested techniques, continual analysis, and maintenance. This steady approach ensures that stable listings and traffic from search engines will be yours for the taking… meaning once you get placed, your site will remain in the top results.
Copy Writing
When it comes to client and customer impact, the text you place in your Website is as important as its design and functionality. Most often, clients choose to hire a print-savvy copywriting consultant or supply the content themselves; lifting it from a brochure. Unfortunately, the language used in printed materials often does not translate well into the Web – as there are technical considerations associated with this interactive environment. The copy writing team at Rhino Web Studios has the experience and know how to address these unique issues. That means better search engine placement for YOU…and improved website traffic, which translates into revenue for your business.

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