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The Future of Web Design

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Everybody wants to be the one to tell you what’s the next big thing.  You’ve probably read many articles telling you what the hottest new web trends are.  Actually, it’s not that hard to figure out because it’s happening now. 

It’s not difficult to predict web trends because most of them are already here.  Not many are groundbreaking things that you couldn’t figure out for yourself.  When you’re trying to really think about what tomorrow holds, you’re looking at a lot of different things.

If current trends are any indicator, the future of web design, especially for businesses in the industry of selling, will be based in video.  It may not be this year, but there is most definitely going to be a push for a much larger role of video in company web development.  It makes sense from a branding and promotional standpoint as well as from a technological perspective. You put the two together and…MAGIC!

Advertising Has Changed!

Make no mistake, advertising has DRASTICALLY changed over the last decade.   The days of a cute commercial with a matching magazine advertisement are long gone.  Customers are no longer purchasing based off persuasion and features.  People TODAY desire a connection! When people feel connected to a product or service, it will be much easier for them to be loyal to that brand and to also share that brand with friends and family.

Advertising campaigns typically don’t help connections.  Most are quick attempts to get a giggle or smile and that’s about it.  TELLING A STORY is much more effective.  That doesn’t mean you have to do a 45-minute video about your company or product, but it DOES means that with video, you will have a higher chance of showing your site visitors something REAL.  It can be about how to use the product, how it works, how it relates to every day life and how it will make life easier or better.

The most important aspect for videos on the Internet is that video can be found easily.  With sites like YouTube and Vimeo, these are avenues of pretty much free promotion.  Of course search engine optimization matters, and having your content in more than one place is a good way to get more people visiting your website.

Social Networking

By using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, thousands of people every single day can be exposed to your brand through video.   Video interactions on social networking sites are extremely popular and if you have a video that is exciting and/or emotional, your video will be shared over and over again FREE OF CHARGE

People are getting online more and more to DISCOVER.  They want to discover new things and see if it’s right for them.  They want to be a part of something….they want to CONNECT.  Video impacts the viewer with emotion more than any other advertising medium.  Emotion is why people buy.  This is the reason why video is the future of web design.

For more information about how a video can impact your web site conversion rate, or to talk to a representative about starting a video campaign, please call us at 504-875-5036.

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